Retreat encourages women to deepen their relationship with God

Attendees at the Filipino women's ministry retreat.

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Encouraging a deeper relationship with God was one of the aims of a women’s ministries retreat, held in Akaroa, New Zealand, from May 24-26.

Around 30 women from Christchurch Multicultural Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church (CMFSDAC) attended the retreat, which also aimed to foster fellowship and provide spiritual enrichment .

The event addressed the spiritual, emotional, physical and social needs of attendees through activities such as prayer sessions, Bible readings, inspirational talks and nature walks.

Eva Butler, one of the organisers, expressed her gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon participants. She highlighted the empowering experience of collective prayer, especially the prayer marathon they held every hour from 10pm to 5am on Sabbath.

“We really felt God’s presence,” Mrs Butler said.

The retreat provided opportunities for the women to connect and build relationships.

CMFSDAC women’s leader and organiser Julie Ann Incapas spoke of the privilege of enjoying God’s creation and worshipping Him. She thanked everyone for their positive response despite family commitments, emphasising the call to share the gospel.

Participants appreciated the opportunity to connect meaningfully. Attendee Joy Go shared her initial apprehension but found the retreat to be an enriching journey, deepening her relationship with God and fostering friendships. She described the retreat as “a healing balm for the soul”, highlighting the inclusivity of the ministry for women of all ages and expressing hope for future participation by younger generations.

Worship speaker Nadeth Quinto encouraged the women to overcome life’s challenges through prayer, referencing Philippians 4:6,7. She urged them to embody the theme “Prayer Ignites” by recalling the acronym IGNITE: Inspire, Grace, Nurture, Ignite, Trust and Empower. She concluded by wishing that the retreat’s experiences and lessons continue to inspire and uplift everyone.

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