Friday, September 25, 2020
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Be like Jesus. Be less nice.

Is being too nice turning you into a bad Christian? We talk people pleasing, dishonesty and burnout.

A life or death question

Are you actively preparing your heart for Jesus' soon return? Or are you a sleeping virgin, living as though you've got 60-plus years of life left to spare?

Excuses excuses

People may spend their lives believing they're boring or uninspired because they're "not creative". This is evidence that as Christians, we have forgotten who we are. 

New 5-Star Signs project launched

Signs of the Times' new "Community Connection" 5-Star Project will reduce the annual cost of Signs magazine from $26 to $20 for those involved in community projects.


Being misunderstood is never easy, but there are a few people you may have heard of that know the feeling all too well . . .

New leaders of Adventist news

Jarrod Stackelroth has been named editor of Adventist Record magazine, with Tracey Bridcutt appointed head of editorial for Adventist Media.

My family

In 1974, my father dealt with the grief of losing his mother by writing a family history.


A few months ago I took a short cut as I walked between appointments. I was in a part of Sydney I’d known since I was a boy, but behind a discreet fence and a large hedge, I found evidence of a lost world. I had stumbled across Sydney’s historic Gore Hill

Women in leadership positions

Dr Tracie Mafileo is deputy vice-chancellor of Pacific Adventist University, located near Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Men of faith

Two men have challenged my faith and commitment to God more than anyone else. If only I lived with as much passion and devotion to God as they do.
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