Thursday, October 22, 2020
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The theology of dirt

Jesus uses mud to heal, to create and to bring new life. Do we need to develop a theology of dirt?

Resilient disciples needed

Our world is a hostile environment. In order for Christianity to survive, it needs "extremophile disciples".

Being a disciple

What the story of Ruth and a song by Chris Tomlin taught Glenn Townend about discipleship.

Did Christ rise from the dead?

A look at the biblical evidence for the resurrection.

Discipleship: cutting through the buzz

Adventist Record's Kent Kingston sat down with Dr Leigh Rice, who leads discipleship ministries at the South Pacific Division, to find out what discipleship really means and how you can get involved.

Learning from coconuts

A summary of Pastor Glenn Townend’s keynote address at the South Pacific Division’s advisory meetings, Fulton College, Fiji.

Does Jesus play favourites?

In his gospel, John identified himself as "the disciple whom Jesus loved". Was the title a fitting accolade or just outright arrogance?

More than a horse show

There are some striking similarities between horse shows and church camp meetings.


“Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are destined to repeat them.”

This is how we are known

Dr Barry Oliver reflects on the joy, expectation and committment of church members at the opening of the new Kama church in Goroka, Papua New Guinea.
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