Friday, August 23, 2019
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WATCH: Health concerns for Pacific residents

United Nations food and agriculture experts say the health of Pacific islanders is declining, as they neglect local produce in favour of imported processed foods.

One step at a time

My wife thinks I’m crazy. Back and forth, round and round I pace around the dining table. Every so often I stop and hop up and down or jog on the spot.

The vegan revolution

Go vegan, get the girl. The trend towards a vegan diet—free of meat, dairy and eggs—is apparent amongst homeschoolers, hipsters and everyone in between.

I’m a vegetarian, not an alien

Today is World Vegetarian Day, the beginning of International Vegetarian Week. There seems to be a day for everything now. Most of them pass by unremarked but I'm glad that vegetarianism is getting a mention.

Sanitarium helps children get a good start

Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing is celebrating a 10 year partnership with Australian Red Cross running a program that feeds thousands of children across Australia each day.

US study finds vegetarians live longer

People who eat a vegetarian diet live longer than those who eat meat, according to a study of more than 70,000 Seventh-day Adventists.

Too fat for church

People in the South Pacific live well. Apparently too well. According to the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO), who I suppose should know about such things, we are one of the fattest regions on earth. Really? Yes!
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