Friday, August 23, 2019
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Healthy eating: The better value way to better health

Money doesn't grow on trees, but plants can definitely save you money.

Eating plants saves lives

It turns out you can never have too much fruit and vegetables.

New Year’s resolutions

Why do we make resolutions? Why don't we make bad ones? Victor Twartz thinks maybe the reason is more spiritual than you think.

The pregnancy diaries—The diagnosis (Part 2)

The diagnosis was in: gestational diabetes. Melody blamed herself. Little did she know God had been preparing her for this long before she even became pregnant.

Leglist or lovely-ist?

“Seventh-day Adventism is a non-Christian faith!” said a minister from another denomination to Daniel. “They believe they are saved by works . . . There’s no freedom in Christ.” Consider this article Daniel's response.

Vegan diet cuts risk of prostate cancer

Men who follow a vegan diet are a third less likely to develop prostate cancer, according to a new study by Loma Linda University Health.

Healthy lifestyle aids fight against cancer

It’s well-known that a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of cancer but what if you do all the right things and still get cancer anyway?

What’s the connection?

Pastor Kevin Price, director of Adventist Health for the South Pacific Division, discusses the connection between spiritual and physical health.

Loma Linda University Health dumps junk food

Loma Linda University Health has decided to practice what it preaches by swapping the candy bars and soda in its campus vending machines for whole grain-based foods and bottled waters.

How a vegetarianism/sperm project went viral

An eye-catching British newspaper headline reading “Vegetarians Have Much Lower Sperm Counts” has turned a formerly little-noticed Adventist student project into an international sensation.
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