Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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New book marks triumphant end to trilogy

Launch of final story in David series reveals young adult’s biggest decisions.

The lost speakers

Does God still speak to people through dreams? For Pastor Jonathan Custodio, the answer is a resounding "Yes".

New Zealand fun runs support ADRA

Close to 400 people participated in the events, which raised more than $A1800 ($NZD2000) for family and community projects across ADRA New Zealand.

A day in the life of a … Big Camp chef

People attend big camps hoping to be fed spiritually. Josh goes to make sure you're also fed physically.

Victoria Big Camp 2017: My experience

Is Big Camp better than chocolate eggs? Victorian student Kapungwe Besa thinks so.

First camp meeting in Queensland—1898

Big camp is something of an institution in the Adventist Church, but the first camp meeting in Queensland was made special by one little old lady.

What is the biggest obstacle to baptism?

Baptism is one part commitment and two parts accountability.

SPD president launches recovery program

A 12-step recovery program to help people overcome pain and depression was launched by South Pacific Division president, Dr Barry Oliver, at the North New South Wales (NNSW) camp meeting at Stuarts Point.

Seven ordained at NNSW Big Camp

Seven ministers were ordained into Gospel ministry in front of a packed Big Tent on the first Sabbath of the North New South Wales Conference’s Big Camp, held at Stuarts Point from April 18 to 26.
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