Sabbath Gift

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Discover the Gift of Rest for a Healthier and Happier Life — Dr Bruce Manners

Sabbath is one of the best things we have to share. It is one of the regular and yet profound practices of our faith and an experiment we can offer to our family, friend and neighbours. We can invite them to share in our Sabbathing, try it out for themselves for a few weeks, and discover the benefits Sabbath can bring to all of our lives, wellbeing, relationships and spiritual health. In an always-connected, always-on society, Sabbath is counter-cultural and life-giving.

The Sabbath Gift project was launched in response to market research that found that only 4 per cent of Australians consider that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is relevant today. While it might not have yet connected with the bulk of the Australian population, more than 20,000 people have visited the website and the #SabbathGift posts have received more than 1.4 million views on social media since this project’s launch. 

Now Sabbath Gift by Dr Bruce Manners goes deeper into Sabbath, first as a practice of wellbeing, then as a spiritual practice. Dr Manners draws on current thinking about our too-busy lives, interviews a rabbi about the Jewish roots and habits of Sabbath, then introduces the place of Sabbath in the Bible and its ongoing practices in Christian history. He concludes with the same Sabbath challenge: try Sabbath as four-week experiment with a different pace of lifestyle and faith.

As a life-long Sabbath keeper, Dr Manners says he learned more about Sabbath in writing Sabbath Gift, which offers the opportunity for those of us already familiar with Sabbath to discover new perspectives for our own lives. But this is also an opportunity for us to offer the invitation of Sabbath in a fresh way in our communities. Presented as a small book for sharing, Sabbath Gift is available at bulk pricing from your Adventist bookshop or conference Literature Ministries coordinator. As such, Sabbath Gift is a valuable book for us to read and to share.

Sabbath Gift is available from Adventist bookshops in Australia and New Zealand, or online.

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