Monday, October 18, 2021
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A magazine for the times

Signs magazine is one of Australia and New Zealand’s longest, continuous-running magazines. Now, 135 years after its launch, the underlying purpose of Signs hasn’t changed.

Book Review: The Command

At the heartbeat of Adventism is the life and ministry of Jesus, but it’s so easy to lose our focus. The Command helps us hear that heartbeat again.

The Command re-focuses on “the greatest commandments”

“My belief is that if we love more, people will be more attracted to our church and we will keep more people in our church,” says Dr Bruce Manners.

Beyond the battle, beyond the war

Even when all is quiet on the earthly war front, the battle is still underway. It’s a spiritual battle with, often, physical consequences.

Understanding a misunderstood editor

Pastor Geoffrey Garne, former editor of Adventist Record has died. Dr Bruce Manners explores why he was possibly the most misunderstood editor.

New book shares ‘whole-of-life’ retirement plan

So, you have plans to retire. But are you retirement ready? A new book by Dr Bruce Manners explores this very question.

Former RECORD editor dies

Former RECORD editor Pastor Robert Parr passed away at the Avondale Retirement Village in Cooranbong, New South Wales, in late July. He was 93.

You can’t kill God

Early in April an estimated 4000 atheists met in Melbourne to talk about what they don’t believe in—God.

Author shows a God of reckless love

Signs Publishing Company book editor Nathan Brown launched Reckless Love, a book written by Dr Bruce manners, church pastor and former editor of RECORD.
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