Saturday, December 7, 2019
Tags Mental health

Tag: mental health

Avondale saved my life

"If I had not attended Avondale College—as I did from 2004 to 2006—it is almost certain that, at some point during or shortly after that period, I would have killed myself."

Growing hope in the community

There is a lot more than produce flourishing at the Cannington Community Garden.


Kent Kingston makes a case for getting outside and going feral.

Suicide: Dispelling the myths

Depression doesn't discriminate in any form: race, gender or religion.

Seasonal attendance disorder

Sometimes the local church can be hard work. It's hard to find connection and we may not feel like going. But if we stick at it, it will pass.

A counselling career change

New graduate diploma at Avondale College of Higher Education provides new pathway for professionals.

Self-rating student study reveals core of adolescent health

Avondale study shows 61 per cent of the 788 participants reporting "very good" or "excellent" health.

Ballarat church elder wins Senior of the Year award

A tireless advocate for those living with mental health issues, Robyn Cunningham has also raised more than 40 foster children.


Pastoral care: Whose responsibility is it anyway?

Trauma and the Church (Part 1)

How the Bible's trauma narrative affects the way we do church.
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