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Truths to Live By
Jinha Kim

You know how when you eat at a great restaurant, or watch a really good movie, or listen to an amazing song, or read an incredible book you can’t wait to tell someone or share it with them?

That is exactly what you will find yourself doing when you read Jinha Kim’s book, Truths to Live By. What is even more amazing is that you will eagerly share this book with your church friends, and you will feel equally comfortable and excited to share it with your neighbours and friends who may not know Jesus.

In many ways, Truths to Live By is a book of devotionals—with a twist. It is for people who don’t really know much about Jesus, a book that makes no assumptions about what they “should” know about matters of faith. Instead of using strong Christian or church language that is often undecipherable for those who don’t attend church, Truths to Live By highlights values and characteristics of our Christian faith through the lens of our everyday world, making it easy for anyone to connect with the stories being shared. 

The reader is gently guided to reflect more deeply through the use of historical stories and events, as well as Jinha’s own life experiences. We are slowly encouraged to see a God who loves them and cares for us. A God who is active in the everyday ordinary lives of people. 

Truths to Live By is easy to read, engaging in its simplicity and yet deep enough to make us pause and consider what we have just read. In a world where we consume quickly and forget even quicker, taking a moment to pause at the end of each chapter and think about what we have just read is a gift for the spirit.

Right now, the word “truth” can be loaded, and cause people to push back, and many are still asking, “What is truth?” But the “truths” revealed in Truths to Live By will make the reader lean in and consider, what do I believe and how does that impact my life now and for eternity.

Truths to Live By is available from Adventist bookshops in Australia and New Zealand, or online Ask about bulk pricing for sharing with friends, family and in your community.

Sylvia Mendez is the Women’s Ministries Director at the Australian Union Conference.

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