Monday, January 18, 2021
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A spiritual wrestle under stress of war

The Anzacs, religion and God: A Q&A with Professor Daniel Reynaud.


Kent Kingston makes a case for getting outside and going feral.

Resilient disciples needed

Our world is a hostile environment. In order for Christianity to survive, it needs "extremophile disciples".

Think&Do in practice: The impact of Avondale’s appeal for research

Avondale’s giving campaign uses a phrase from founder Ellen White to seek support for research that improves lives, but where is the evidence?


Where to find freedom in a sin-filled world.

Keeping it simple

We're often told to think big. But sometimes it's the simple ideas that prove the most successful (anyone remember the Pet Rock and the slinky?).

The spiritual wounds of abuse

More than 10 years of sexual abuse—at the hands of a "good Christian man", no less—is more than enough to distort one's picture of God. “I know God is good," says *Rachel. "I just haven't seen any of it."

What’s the connection? Health experts weigh in

Adventist health leaders weigh in on the connection between spiritual and physical health.

What’s the connection between spiritual and mental health?

Rest, plant-based meals, time in communion with Him—all of these things are gifts from God and evidence of His concern for our health.

Adventist education quality in the spotlight

More than 40 MPs were gathered in the Great Hall of the Australian Federal Parliament for the Christian Schools National Policy Forum dinner in May.
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