Made a mum

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A cry is heard. 
New life has begun.
A tiny, helpless baby is born.
The one that,
made you a mother. 
You’re a mum.
No matter how,
you got there. 
Birth, adoption.
It made you a mum.

Imagine Mary.
Knowing she,
was carrying,
the Son of God.
I wonder how,
she must’ve felt.
Scared? Happy? Excited?

Sarah laughed.
She was old.
99 when she had Isaac.
You’re no woman, 
from the Bible. 
You’re still a
woman of God. 
We belong to
God’s family.

That baby that,
made you a mum.
We pause to,
celebrate you.
You could be a
grandma or great-grandma. 

We want to honour you.
Even if you’re not a mum. 
Thank you for being,
a part of a child’s life.
A cry is heard.
New life has begun. 
Happy Mother’s Day, to you all.
You’re very
much loved
And you’re very special. 
May God keep blessing you.

De-anne Tasker attends Rockhampton Adventist Church, in Queensland.

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