Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Adventist ministry connects local mums in Australia and New Zealand

"As Christians, it's our duty to respond to cries for help and, with these mums, it's in the simplest way possible: Being a friend," says Melody Tan, project manager of Mums At The Table.

Capital Mums: Multicultural stories of motherhood in Canberra

Avondale alumna gets government grant to tell "untold stories" of mothers representing more than 50 cultures.

Why I go to church for the food

If you sometimes turn up to church to eat or socialise, Sonja Kama has a message for you: "be nourished."


For Melody Tan, life isn't "richer" or "complete" because she has a child. It's simply different.

The roundabout road to leadership

Danijela Schubert didn't want to marry a pastor, nor a man with blond hair; she got both. She also never wanted to be a leader, yet she is currently the associate division secretary for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific. This is her story.

The love dilemma

Love looks beyond the immediate, towards the everlasting.

The pregnancy diaries—The myth of the glow

People talk about the “pregnancy glow”, but perhaps it's nothing more than a lie to lure women into motherhood.

The pregnancy diaries—Day 2: Dawn

"Congratulations." Melody Tan shares the rollercoaster of emotions she felt on the day she found out she was pregnant.

The pregnancy diaries—Day 1

Signs of the Times associate editor Melody Tan is expecting her first child. Yet she's still wondering about the point of having children.


Life as a mum is full of ups and downs. When the kids are young it’s physically exhausting; as they get older it’s emotionally challenging.
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