Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Creative Corner: Roje Ndayambaje

Exploring themes of heartbreak, heaven and the human condition, Roje Ndayambaje is a talented spoken-word poet and Christian thinker whose words force readers to reflect on their own lived experiences.

The many colours of life

Flowers come in all designs, just like people. Colour, size or shape does not determine worth.

Creative Corner: Josh Moses

“Poetry helps me hone my storytelling as I try to convey narrative in my writing. It keeps me in check, forces intentionality and helps me clarify my thoughts.”

Moments with God II

A further exploration of creative talent within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Tuvalu students win poetry prizes

Three students from Funafuti Seventh-day Adventist Primary School have won prizes in a schools poetry competition run as part of Tuvalu Environmental Week.

On First Looking: Collaborative poetry project brings new perspectives

An anthology uniting amateurs with professionals and students with mentors celebrates a longstanding collaboration between Avondale College of Higher Education and Australia’s best contemporary poets.

Writers share readings with scholars

Anthology dedicated to poet for bringing fresh ideas to prose.

Truth teller brings rhythmic roots to Manifest

Raised in hip hop culture but educated at a Bible institute, Micah Bournes—a presenter at Manifest—is creating a unique brand of truth telling.

Easter poetry

Easter is a reminder of the most tragic event in Earth's history, but also the most triumphant. Marye Trim highlights this in two heart-touching Easter poems.

Creative champion

A published anthology of pieces by Avondale students and professionals will encourage the former to write creatively as a career, says an award-winning local poet.
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