Record enrolment at Adventist schools

Samoa Adventist College. Credit: Barry Oliver/ESDA

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Seventh-day Adventist Schools are in high demand in the Trans Pacific Union Mission.

Funafuti Adventist Primary School in Tuvalu had to put a halt on registrations because of limited space and resources. The school roll has reached 300 enrolments for the second time. As a result, the school ran out of chairs. A request for assistance was sent to the Ministry of Education.

However, a parent learned about the school’s need and acted without hesitation by organising for more chairs. “We praised God for acting in miraculous ways that we could not have imagined,” said principal Kima Pedro. “The need was met, and no student has to sit on the floor. The school is truly thankful to have such willing and supportive parents. Praise the Lord!” 

Enrolment at Samoa Adventist College has hit a record 793 students and parents are still trying to enrol their children despite “no vacancy” signs posted on the office doors.

“We have to turn away students because of the availability of spaces in the different classes and it is hard when you see the disappointment on the parents’ faces,” said principal Tepora Fuimaono. “This is our record enrolment for many years and we praise God for His blessings. Most parents have testified about the difference our school is making in the lives of their children and they spread the word. The majority of students are non-Adventists and we have more opportunities to witness to them about our faith.”

Maranatha Adventist Junior Secondary School, a boarding school in Vanuatu, has enrolled more than 100 students.  The school’s handyman had to cut wood to make extra beds to cater for the growth in student numbers.

The handyman at Maranatha Adventist Junior Secondary School cutting wood to make extra beds for the students.
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