Governance focus of training at Madang Manus Mission

Madang Manus Mission leaders.

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Governance and management were the focus of special training at Madang Manus Mission, Papua New Guinea, on August 10.

The training was led by Papua New Guinea Union Mission (PNGUM) under treasurer Kenton Ghona.

Madang Manus Mission (MMM) president Pastor Garry Laukei said the MMM officers, departmental directors and the executive committee were inspired and educated by Mr Ghona’s “very special educational and motivational presentation”.

“It was a thrilling moment for the leaders to listen to such a presentation and to be able to identify the difference between governance and management,” Pastor Laukei said.

“It was the first of its kind for Madang Manus Mission to have an officer from the PNGUM to facilitate in training such as this. Although we have had PNGUM run training in the past, it was to do with departmental programs but not with the governance and management, which I believe is very important.”

The training ended with a consecration message and prayer by Pastor Laukei, with the leaders pledging to give their lives to Jesus and be led by the Holy Spirit in this quinquennium.

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