South Queensland hosts creative conference

Céin D'Costa leading out in worship during the Creative Conference.

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Adventist artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, social media influencers and other creatives attended a Creative Conference organised by visual communication ministries associate director Charmaine Patel from the South Queensland Conference (SQC) on November 13 and 14.

Hosted at Springwood Seventh-day Adventist Church (Brisbane) and livestreamed to YouTube and Facebook, hundreds of people either tuned in or attended the venue to watch keynotes and practical presentations by Adventists who use media and creativity in their professional or personal spheres.

Across four sessions, attendees enjoyed presentations from Wes Tolhurst (filmmaker and storyteller), Ray Moaga (social media influencer), Haynes Posala “Haynza” (songwriter), Michael Petrie (worship leader), Karen Collum (creative writer), Catalina Arevalo (host of Connected Adventist podcast) and Laura Weslake (photographer).

Interspersed between workshops and presentations was an interview with interior designer Raquel Fletcher, as well as a presentation from GiGi magazine and podcast creators Steph, Esther and Maria Espinoza, a live painting by Patty Gillespie, and original music by songwriters KC and Sydney Wolverton.

“What an amazing weekend!” Ms Patel said. “It was an honour to organise it and see it come to life. We are so blessed to have amazing, talented, creative people in our local churches who can empower us to be more creative in our churches and ministries. We were inspired to dream bigger, to lean into the Spirit’s promptings more and to reflect the light God gives us to give to the world in creative ways.”

To watch the conference, you can visit the South Queensland Adventist YouTube page.

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