Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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South Queensland hosts creative conference

Artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, social media influencers and other creatives were inspired by the presentations.

New website to aid instrumental musicians in worship

With music transposed for B-flat, C, E-flat, F and bass-clef instruments, this new website is a resource all Adventist musicians can use.

Innovative group makes memorising Sabbath school lesson texts easier with music

Setting up a recording studio, this group of New Zealanders are using their talents to create something brand new.

Connecting and healing through music

Musicians from Brisbane Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church wanted to encourage and uplift those who have suffered from the recent drought in Queensland.

Musicians needed for next General Conference session

If you love to worship God through the medium of music (and you'd like to visit the USA!) this invitation is for you.
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