Creative Corner: Nicole and Kiran

Naked Billy founders Nicole Martin and Kiran Roberts.

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For Naked Billy founders Nicole Martin and Kiran Roberts, creativity is embedded in everything they do—from designing and writing stories for their magazine, to assembling Instagram posts, to interviewing or filming the true stories of women from around the world.

“We see [creativity] as the manifestation of the Holy Spirit within us,” they say.

An online community and digital platform designed for women, Naked Billy was born from a desire to help women through difficulties, encourage them to embrace a positive body image and empower them to fulfil their passion and purpose. And Nicole and Kiran take that seriously, treating it as a full-time job.

“[The Spirit is] within the process of thinking about the problems women face—every word, comma and full-stop . . . captions, the font, the colours, everything,” they explain. “Most people think of creativity as solely expressive, and that’s part of it, but it’s also unbelievably challenging and exhausting. You are bringing that which doesn’t exist into reality, and we don’t take that lightly.”

With more than 12,000 followers on Instagram and an overwhelming response to their recent magazine launch, it’s clear that Naked Billy is meeting a need among women.

“Our passion is listening and helping people through experiences and embracing their truth,” Nicole explains.

“I also work within the disability field, managing teams and working closely with staff and groups of people from different backgrounds. I’ve always found different stories and experiences thought provoking and have been encouraged by things people have shared. Kiran and I both wanted to share more of that and create a space and community where people are challenged and encouraged.”

Attending Ipswich Adventist Church (Queensland), Nicole and Kiran say they want to change people’s lives with messages of love, as it has changed and is changing their own lives.

“We do that by redefining what most people think of love; challenging people and creating conversations on how deep, healing, revealing, reconciling and powerful love truly is—to us, it is God,” says Kiran. “When that intention is on your mind every single day, it changes how you see people and the world.”

Despite the large community, Nicole and Kiran are intentional about seeing and reaching each individual, trusting that God will pave the way.

“Every day is a new challenge for us,” they explain, “and although at times that feels very unknown, we know that if we keep love and people at the heart of what we do, God will lead us toward the people, spaces and projects that will change lives.”

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