SPD boards in search of new members

Members of the South Pacific Division Executive Committee at the 2019 year-end meetings.

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Seventh-day Adventists are being encouraged to use their talents and experience to further the mission of the Church by serving on one of the South Pacific Division (SPD) management boards.

With the beginning of a new quinquennium (2020-2025), church members with diverse skills and experience are being sought to fill positions on various boards and committees, including the Australian Union Conference Executive Committee, Pacific Adventist University Council, Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing Boards, Adventist Healthcare Board and Adventist Media Committee.

Lindy Judd, a recently retired state school principal from Geelong, Victoria, has served on the South Pacific Division Executive Committee for nearly five years.

“Working outside the Church in the education field, I have always felt both impelled and humbled to be able to contribute in a voluntary capacity, any skills and knowledge I happened to have, in whatever field it was felt that I could add value to,” said Ms Judd, who also served as chair of the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee.

“Being committed to growth in learning for myself and others, along with setting aside part of my time for the Lord’s work, I have felt impressed to accept the calls to voluntary work that have come my way. Added to that, I feel privileged and honoured to be asked to serve the Lord in this manner.”

Lindy Judd prays during the 2018 year-end meetings at Avondale.

Ms Judd said her role on the SPD Executive Committee has been a healthy and invigorating challenge. “It has meant being part of strategy and vision, mission and innovation, complex finance, complex situations and exciting moves forward in all of our institutions,” she said.

“It has meant working with spiritual leaders, not always getting it right, but committing everything and everyone to the Lord constantly and seeing great things happening. It has meant being part of some very hard decisions and thought-provoking situations, as is the role of any board of management.

“It has meant having conversations and creating lasting friendships with people of different cultures, perspectives and ideas all working towards the same outcome.”

Rodney Philemon, an IT specialist with the Peace Corps in Vanuatu, said it has been a privilege and a blessing to serve on the SPD Executive Committee and the Seventh-day Adventist Church Pacific Limited Board of Directors.

He urges other Adventists to get involved. “If given the opportunity, take it and let God lead you through your time as an ambassador and voice to enhance the gospel commission in our Division,” he said.

“The SPD staff are really friendly and welcoming. You feel at home when you are around the SPD office.”

Ms Judd also encourages other Adventists to consider serving in this way. “It is a humbling and enlightening experience to work and deal with the complexities of our Division,” she said. “I had no idea of the work, the scope and dedication of staff in all the institutions, the Pacific Islands and New Zealand, Avondale, Sanitarium, the Sydney Adventist Hospital, and I could only say, if you are offered a chance to have a say, be part of the decision-making team . . . take it.”

Adventists with a strong commitment to the mission and values of the Church and who have a background in various professional disciplines such as risk management, human resources, finance, education, media, international development and health, are asked to register their interest by July 31. Visit https://people.adventistchurch.com/board-applications/.

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