ADRA office destroyed by fire

The ADRA field office was among seven offices destroyed in the fire.

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An ADRA office in Kimbe, Papua New Guinea, was destroyed in a building fire on Friday afternoon (April 24).

The fire started in a ground floor office and quickly spread. Seven companies rented offices in the building and lost everything.

An ADRA worker was in the building when the fire broke out. When he noticed smoke he was able to get out and run to safety before the fire reached the office. All other ADRA staff had left the office.

ADRA lost a number of assets including printers, six tablet phones, a projector and whiteboards.

“[All the tenants] are shocked and deeply regret what has happened but thanks to God that no lives were lost,” the ADRA worker said.

An investigation will be held into the cause of the fire.

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