Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Avondale: Here for Good

Professor Ray Roennfeldt opens up about the higher education provider's mission and research agenda.

Health Matters: Hernias

Sydney Adventist Hospital surgeon Dr Philip Le Page talks about the various types, causes and treatments for hernias.

Helping your kids switch on without tuning out

New research reveals the extent of the risks associated with excessive screen time in children.

Research at Avondale: Here For Good

A new podcast series launched this past Sunday will showcase Avondale academics’ greater vision for mission and research.

Bringing glory to God through song

Adventist businesswoman Robina Nakao is the dynamic force behind a gospel music spectacular that attracts thousands annually.

Giving your child a healthy sense of self

Teaching our kids the skill of self-love is more important than ever.

How to glow from the inside out

Foods that are good for you are also good for your skin.

Vegie Delights canned range recipe competition winner!

Congratulations Helen Schulz for her winning recipe: Sweet potato Nutmeat and Nutolene lentil patties.

Adventists conduct free health checks in PNG

More than 150 people were checked, with some surprised to learn they had health risks.

The other lighthouse

Step inside Manna Haven Cafe—Byron Bay's other buzzing attraction.
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