Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Tag: health

Baptism brings joy to Betikama community

Students, staff and staff family members were among the 11 people baptised.

How does stress impact your immune system?

Stressful times call for de-stressful measures . . .

Can you get enough vitamin D in winter?

The sunshine vitamin plays a much bigger role in keeping us healthy than you might think.

Our favourite ways to keep celebrating

The world has changed, but the best things in life are still worth celebrating.

Back to church

A return to "normal" doesn't mean we should revert back to doing things the same way.

Push-up challenge

Pastor Maveni Kaufononga and other TPUM leaders have accepted the challenge. Will you?

Why losing weight gets harder with age

Some valuable information to help tip the scales in your favour.

Nursing in the time of COVID-19

The story of a nurse on the front line.

Food swaps—for better health

Tips to maintaining healthy eating habits while housebound.

Nutrition to boost your immunity

Six dietitian-approved drinks to help strengthen your immunity.
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