Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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The gift of hope and healing

"Where you live shouldn't determine whether you live." Michael Were opens up about the life-saving work of Open Heart International.

FODMAPs: Why food can upset your gut

Tummy troubles? A low FODMAP diet may be the solution.

If you could pick an age . . .

Research has revealed an important truth: teenagers today are doing it tough. Find out what Avondale University College is doing to address this issue.

Diabetes: How to reduce your risk

Apart from being a devastating disease throughout the Pacific, diabetes has now become Australia and New Zealand's fastest growing chronic disease. What can be done?

Health program results in baptisms in Fiji

"He was jubilant as they lifted him up in a chair into the pond." An amazing story of how a diabetic amputee came for health lectures and found Jesus.

Protecting your bone health

Three key steps to looking after your bones.

Wealth and health – Part 2

Money may help, but it doesn't heal.

Medical mission team visits remote Vanuatu villages

The trip was aimed at training and equipping church members in health ministry, and conducting screenings in local villages.

Solomons students feed the homeless

The Grade 6 students from Kumum Seventh-day Adventist Primary School wanted to make a difference and follow the example of Jesus.

Health as a lifestyle

What does it mean to live life with style? Pastor Glenn Townend discusses.
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