Friday, December 4, 2020
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Tag: healing


Pastor Glenn Townend discusses his love-hate relationship with hospitals.

Finding hope

How Hope Sabbath School helped a woman in China find a clearer picture of God.

The most challenging question

Jarrod Stackelroth unpacks the life-changing power of forgiveness.

Cheap forgiveness

"Of course God will forgive me," said German romantic poet Heinrich Heine on his death bed. "That's His job." Dr Norman Young, however, suggests God's forgiveness is no such easy-going indulgence.

Growing hope in the community

There is a lot more than produce flourishing at the Cannington Community Garden.

Wealth and health – Part 2

Money may help, but it doesn't heal.

Why I left the Church . . . and found my...

Thoughts on young people leaving the Church.

Healing the wounds of childhood sexual abuse

A compulsory journey of reconciliation.

Inclusive or exclusive Christianity?

A look at the general attitude of the Christian Church towards people with special needs.

Trauma and the Church (Part 1)

How the Bible's trauma narrative affects the way we do church.
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