Friday, August 23, 2019
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He should be a billionaire

What is being rich without being responsible?

Money on the mind (Part 2)

Finding a solution to the "rich mind" problem.

Money on the mind (Part 1)

The concept of people losing their minds over money is more accurate than you might think.

In equality?

Do you have $1 million worth of assets? If so, then you're among the richest 1 per cent of people on earth.

Less is less (is more)

"What’s so wrong with having stuff, anyway? If it’s so bad, why does everybody have it?"


The poor aren't the problem—it's the rich who don't give.

REVIEW: Help! I’ve Been Blessed!

It might be a temptation but 'Help! I’ve Been Blessed!' cannot be dismissed as a rich white guy complaining about first-world problems.

Unwrapping the Christmas riddle

If you could give the world just one gift, any gift, what would it be? It’s an obvious question at this time of year. But is it one you’ve thought through? What exactly would you give?
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