Good samaritan centre opens for community

Broden House outside Maryborough church in Victoria. (Photo: Maryborough District Advertiser)

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Maryborough Seventh-day Adventist Church (Vic) members are rolling up their sleeves and doing their bit for the community.

In an initiative that started earlier this month, bags full of healthy groceries are being made available for $A5 from the church.

The project is operated out of the new Good Samaritan Centre at the church every Thursday afternoon. With much of the food donated from Foodbank Victoria, the bags contain vital staple food items such as breakfast cereals.

“It’s all healthy food, there’s no junk food,” said Maryborough church member Broden House. “This is for everyone who needs help; it’s for everyone in the community.

“Jesus mingled with the people and showed them sympathy, we want to be like Him.”

The Good Samaritan Centre originally started in Wendouree, Mr House said. “After much prayer, we as a church felt God wanted [another centre] to start here in Maryborough.

“We know many people struggle. Even well-off people have weeks where they struggle and that’s what this centre is here for. We believe it is God’s will for it to happen in this town.”

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