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Without vision you are blind—or to be more politically correct, visually impaired. Vision was important to Jesus as He gave sight to the blind (Luke 7:21, 18:35-43, John 9). But Jesus also asked, “Can a blind person guide a blind person? Will not both fall into a pit?” (Luke 6:39 ESV).

As a boy I blinded myself for a day looking at welding. Stumbling, knocking into things and not being able to see is frightening. Vision is important for people and for organisations. The Church does not want to fall into a pit!

Vision is what we see. Mission is what we do. Vision is what we want to become. Mission is how we get there. Vision is a statement of faith. Mission is a statement of action. Vision captures God’s preferred future for us.

The South Pacific Division has a new vision statement—voted at the November year-end meetings: “A thriving Adventist movement, living our hope in Jesus and transforming the Pacific.”

Here we see three distinct aspects:

1. “A thriving Adventist movement”—what we see for the Church, collectively. The Seventh-day Adventist Church was called by God to be a movement–led by Him. It was not just to be another church, but agile, adaptable, multiplying and moving at the call of the Spirit.

2. “Living our hope in Jesus”—what we see for ourselves, individually. That the hope we have in Jesus is real and active—seen as well as heard—and we have hope despite life’s challenges. Jesus’ hope is sure and eternal—grace that conquers evil and death.

3. “Transforming the Pacific”—what we see for those we live with in this idyllic part of the planet. Vision is not just for ourselves but others. Our understanding of education, health and being a disciple of Jesus will impact others—a life-changing impact.

Let’s begin 2018 with vision—the God-preferred future of “A thriving Adventist movement, living our hope in Jesus and transforming the Pacific”.

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