Friday, April 23, 2021
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Tag: Adventist movement

Greater works than Jesus?

Pastor Glenn Townend suggests the way we perceive Jesus affects how we view salvation and how we live out our beliefs.

28 Fundamentals: More than mediocre

Have big dreams? Hand them over to the Holy Spirit—He will make them even bigger. (Fundamental Belief #5)

An ocean of opportunity

There are many different people and places within the Trans Pacific Union Mission. For the Church in this territory, however, there is but one purpose.

A vibrant Adventist movement

The TPUM's harvesting program, which started in July and is ongoing, has yielded 4753 baptisms so far. While this is cause for celebration, Union president Pastor Maveni Kaufononga says there is so much more to be done.

Bible reading

Pastor Glenn Townend reveals the impact of Bible reading groups led by average people.


Afraid of losing momentum, the early Seventh-day Adventist movement resisted forming an official structure for almost two decades. So have the fears of our forebears now materialised?


A new year, a new vision statement for the South Pacific Division.

There is no mission without the church . . .

Has the Advent movement become the Advent institution?

A question of mission

How to make your local church part of a multiplying movement.

“I’ve joined Facebook!”

Pastor Glenn Townend "likes" the ministry potential of social media.
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