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The ‘irrelevant’ commandment

“You shall have no other gods before me.” In an age where golden statues and cats are no longer revered like they once were, surely this commandment should be the easiest to keep. Think again.

Students wired for worship

“Wired” is a new program aimed at establishing connections between Wahroonga Adventist School and local church communities.


For Pastor Glenn Townend, singing and praising God are windows to the heart.

Money matters

Handling money society’s way or God’s way?

A question of mission

The local church needs to adapt and adjust to survive. It can only do this with an emphasis on mission.

Adventist Church updates copyright information

Churches around the Pacific now have access to copyright compliance information after the South Pacific Division updated the copyright information on its website.

First impressions

Does your church’s appearance and atmosphere draw people in or drive them away?