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Why do Christians sing so much?

When I was studying at Avondale University, I was lucky enough to stay in Watson Hall. I still have so many close friends and great

My Story: You are not alone!

It was on the evening of March 15, 2022, when elder John Boar arrived at the compound of Banban Seventh-day Adventist company church to continue

God has already provided

There is nothing wrong with exploring our response to grace and it is healthy to respond and look for ways to engage and live our faith, faithful to the call of our King.

Is online church real church?

Certainly, during lockdowns, it was a great way to church without going to church. But the question, again—is online church really church?

Seventh-day Adventist Hymn books of the South Pacific

Since the arrival of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific, singing and musical expression have been considered essential components of the worship experiences of its people.

Worship through song: could we do better?

As a conservatorium trained musician and lover of a vast range of genres, I found myself asking, is our church music encompassing the needs of the greater congregation or mostly appealing to the musicians of the church?