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Health Matters: Pacemakers

Find out about the world’s smallest pacemaker with Dr Peter Illes from Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Health Matters: Orthopaedic surgery

Sydney Adventist Hospital orthopaedic surgeon Dr David Duckworth talks about the common causes of rotator cuff injuries and the different treatment options available.

Health Matters: Varicose veins

Sydney Adventist Hospital vascular surgeon Dr Pecky De Silva talks about the risk factors and treatment of varicose veins.

Health Matters: Robotic heart surgery

Sydney Adventist Hospital surgeon Dr Levi Bassin discusses how robotic technology is changing traditional open heart surgery to minimally invasive keyhole procedures.

Health Matters: Virtual Reality

Sydney Adventist Hospital surgeon Dr Payal Mukherjee discusses how augmented and virtual reality technology is improving training for medical students.

Health Matters: Silent Reflux

Sydney Adventist Hospital gastrointestinal surgeon Christos Apostolou talks about the symptoms and treatment of silent reflux.