Monday, September 21, 2020
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Triumph slump

As great as mountaintop moments are, they don't last forever. Jarrod Stackelroth shares some tips for navigating through life's inevitable valleys.

Jesus in my toolbox

A motor mechanic's keys to success . . . and sharing Jesus.

Defining success

Maria's story prompted Ashley Stanton to reconsider her meaning of success.

Looking forward not back

After 90 days, Pastor Eddie Tupa'i's future as lead pastor (president) of the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference has been decided.

Self-rating student study reveals core of adolescent health

Avondale study shows 61 per cent of the 788 participants reporting "very good" or "excellent" health.

Welcome to the Church of Failure

What does Colgate lasagne have in common with the Seventh-day Adventist Church? A lot more than you might think . . .


Is the West the best? Well, considering we're racking up so much debt and squandering the future of our kids, the answer is definitive "No". H*** NO.

Jarryd’s dream

What Jarryd Hayne’s dreams can teach us about our church and how to treat others.

The 13th disciple

What would you give to be one of Jesus’ disciples? What would you trade for just one year of walking, talking and eating with Jesus as one of His closest friends? Could you even put a value on it?

Dog dung

Yes, dog dung. Who would have thought something so vile could teach us something so valuable.
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