Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Tag: Solomon islands mission

Solomons students feed the homeless

The Grade 6 students from Kumum Seventh-day Adventist Primary School wanted to make a difference and follow the example of Jesus.

Kambubu celebrates 80 years of blessing

The "blessed school beside the sea" celebrated its 80th anniversary with the theme "Beacons: yesterday today and tomorrow".

Leaders encouraged to shape lifelong faith

Shaping lifelong faith in children is incredibly exciting, as evidenced by the people who participated in a “Shaping Faith Expo” at the Maranatha Centre in June.

Audio Bible produced in Solomons Pijin

Seventeen pastors recorded the full Bible in Pijin in just three weeks for the It Is Written Oceania (IIWO) Godpod project.

Locals undergo Adventist Radio training

Twenty-four volunteers from Seventh-day Adventist churches in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu are currently undergoing a week-long intensive training in radio broadcasting in Honiara.

New Global Mission church for remote island

A new Global Mission church plant has recently acquired land to build a church on Ugi Island, Solomon Islands.

Mission in Paradise

A team of health professionals led by Solomon Islands Mission (SIM) Health Ministries director, Dr Silent Tovosia, visited Paradise on New Georgia Island in May.

Nineteen dead in Honiara floods

Flash flooding in Honiara this past week has killed 16 people and left thousands of others homeless, as heavy rains battered the Solomon Islands capital.

3000 at first meeting of new church

Three thousand people attended the first meeting of a new Adventist Church in Honiara. It was formed following an evangelistic campaign by Australian-born pastor John Carter.

524 people baptised in Solomon Islands

A record 524 people were baptised in the Lunga River near Honiara on Saturday. It was the largest Adventist baptism in Solomon Islands history.
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