Solomon Islands Mission equips more than 200 leaders

The event was a collaboration between 10,000 Toes and ADRA Australia.

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More than 200 local church leaders from across the Solomon Islands Mission (SIM) were equipped for mission at the SIM Leadership Empowerment Training, held from April 7 to 11. The event, a collaboration between 10,000 Toes and ADRA Austria, exceeded the initial expectation of 70 participants. 

Held at the Baru church in Noro, New Georgia, the training featured sessions led by South Pacific Division Adventist Church Management System (ACMS) project manager Pastor Adrian Raethel, Trans Pacific Union Mission (TPUM) health coordinator George Kwong, TPUM CFO Fraser Alekevu and 10,000 Toes Ambassador Mary-Clare Ravula. The comprehensive program covered topics such as leadership development, financial literacy, health management and data entry.

A key feature of the four-day program were the food demonstrations by 10,000 Toes Kitchen representative Senimili Mataika and dietitian Latanya Wong, which particularly engaged many male participants, breaking conventional norms in the region. The training concluded with a health screening, showcasing the practical application of the newly acquired skills.

Dr Chester Kuma praised the initiative as “groundbreaking”, highlighting its “significant role in fostering empowerment and holistic well-being among the participants”. 

Mr Kwong was impressed by the participants’ commitment to attending the event despite logistical challenges, such as extensive boat travel and camping accommodations. He commended their “resilience and determination”. 

As the event wrapped up, participants expressed their appreciation for the transformative experience, with one noting, “We came as individuals, but we leave as empowered leaders, ready to make a difference.”

Special thanks were also given to Franklyn and Lucy Julius, who played a crucial role in the event’s organisation.

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