Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Self-help and spiritual paralysis

Why personalising Christianity could threaten your salvation.

Jesus has much to offer

Are we really experiencing the fullness of life that Jesus offers?

Religious liberty: worth fighting for

What happens when commonly held societal values collide with deeply ingrained Christian values like traditional marriage and the right for Adventist schools to preserve their special character?

Jubilee imagination

The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. This is the reality of our world. But it's not how God imagined it.

Training God’s workers

On July 1, Dr Andrea Luxton took office as president of Andrews University (US), the first Briton and the first woman to do so.

True engagement

As I browsed the Sydney Morning Herald’s web page a feature article took my eye: 'Masses Find Spirituality Beyond the Church Pews'.

Real mums

Open any Mother's Day card, and you will find a short poem or some prose praising the perfect mother. These sentiments are endearing, yet ultimately may prove destructive.

Spiritual Game of Thrones

In the Spiritual Game of Thrones there is only one answer: Jesus, All!

To vote or not to vote?

As an Adventist, what should I do? Hold my nose and vote for the party closest to my views on everything from abortion to asylum seekers, the economy to education? Or, because there is no perfect party, should I just not vote at all?

Storming the Bastille

Equal rights for children; now there is a novel idea.
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