Sunday, October 17, 2021
Tags Sanitarium Health Food Company

Tag: Sanitarium Health Food Company

Record Rewind: Life-long service

Wilfred Kilroy was a career-long employee at Sanitarium Health Food Company.

How to eat healthy for your age

Should our diets change depending on our age and stage of life? According to nutritionists, they should!

Do you need to drink eight glasses of water per day?

While fruits and vegetables are a great way to stay hydrated, nothing quite beats water itself.

Eat your way to younger looking skin

Although ageing is a natural part of life, some foods can help slow the process.

Four food trends to try in 2021

From algae to oat milk, there's something interesting for everyone to try!

Are you developing a food allergy?

Common signs and symptoms of food allergies, and what to do about them.

Get your protein from plant-based foods

To minimise your impact on the environment, why not make a delicious mediterranean salad?

Website and cookbook set children on lifetime health path

Sanitarium Health Food Company has partnered with Sprout Cooking School to launch a new program for children on International Cooking Day today (September 25).

Sanitarium helps fight food security crisis

More than a million dollars worth of Sanitarium products have been donated in Australia and New Zealand since the beginning of this year.

Sanitarium donates food products to firefighters and bushfire victims

Hundreds of pallets of Weet-Bix, UP&GO and So Good have been donated and distributed across NSW and Victoria.
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