Author: Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing staff

How to feed your family for less

To help household budgets when money is tight, we asked experts across food, finance and families to share their best tips for putting healthy food on the dinner table for less. 

Four swaps to lower blood pressure

If you do have high blood pressure, you are probably already watching your salt intake. But what other dietary changes can you make to help?

Healthy & budget friendly pantry staples

There are some really tasty budget ingredients that can be used to bulk up dishes and help make dinners healthier, too.

Wholegrains help support heart health

Getting enough fibre does far more than keep you regular, it can help look after your heart, brain and gut. 

Staples to help support your immunity

Keeping your immune system strong is an important way to help fend off dreaded winter coughs, sniffles and the flu.

Best diet for a better night’s sleep

Inability to sleep affects many of us, but if tossing and turning in the early hours is your nightly ritual, it might be time to look at what’s going in your shopping trolley.

Are meat alternatives healthy for you?

There’s now a smorgasbord of meat alternatives to choose from at the market, providing a tasty choice for your family favourite recipes. Are meat alternatives a healthy choice?

Why a healthy gut is good for immunity

Gut health plays a crucial role in supporting our immune system. To put it simply, a healthier gut means you have a better chance of warding off bugs and germs. But why?

Do low GI diets work?

Every five minutes, an Australian is diagnosed with diabetes. It’s a diagnosis that instantly makes food choices much more important.

Boost your mood with gut-loving foods

We all know that eating well is important for your health, but did you know it can impact your mood as well?