Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Flat pack faith

Who knew assembling furniture could also build one's faith.

Signs needs you!

This Sabbath, August 25, every Adventist church in Australia and New Zealand will receive an extra batch of new-look Signs. Kent Kingston explains how you can use them to reach your community.

28 Fundamentals: Why the Sabbath?

Are we, as Sabbath-keepers, fuelling the idea of "Sabbath bondage"? (Fundamental Belief #20)

Is the Trinity pagan?

Unpacking two main arguments against the trinitarian view of the Godhead.

Marriage Week 2017: Our stories

When boy meets girl . . . and proposes. Four Adventist Media staff members share their relationship story.

Listening: the most overlooked spiritual discipline

We feel powerful when we talk; we are powerful when we listen.

Balance = power

"The devil doesn't care by how much the weights are out of balance, as long as they are."

Discipleshift in NZPUC

It all starts with discipleship.

Never stand alone

Why different generations need each other—especially in the Church.

Just kids

Kids aren't what they appear to be.
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