Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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An hour in their shoes

Ashley Stanton explores the line between self-preservation and service to others.

Redeeming politics

"Well, what do we expect from politicians anyway?" Nathan Brown suggests Christians that have an apathetic attitude towards politics are failing in their responsibilities to participate in and contribute to the collective life and wellbeing of society.

PNG Adventists in politics: opportunities and challenges

Most people avoid politics like the plague. Yet in Papua New Guinea, more and more Adventists are stepping into the political arena.

Vanuatu Adventists welcome nation’s new president

Two Adventist pastors were on the final shortlist of Vanuatu's 16 presidential candidates.

Church leaders call for compassionate foreign policy

Leaders of the Adventist Church in Australia have joined 11 other Australian churches to call on the Federal Government to make compassion and equity foundations of the nation’s foreign policy.

By the lake

How the Sermon on the Mount can help us make sense of our crazy world.

Confessions of a failing lobbyist

Failures happen. Hope always remains.

I was a stranger

Loving and caring for refugees should not be a foreign concept.

Facing facts: understanding domestic violence

Adventist Record assistant editor Kent Kingston unpacks a few common beliefs about domestic violence.

Fiji’s first Adventist president sworn in

Fiji’s new president was sworn in today at Government House in Suva, the island nation’s capital. His Excellency President Jioji (George) Konousi Konrote is the island nation’s first Seventh-day Adventist head of state.
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