Friday, October 18, 2019
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Confessions of a failing lobbyist

Failures happen. Hope always remains.

I was a stranger

Loving and caring for refugees should not be a foreign concept.

Facing facts: understanding domestic violence

Adventist Record assistant editor Kent Kingston unpacks a few common beliefs about domestic violence.

Fiji’s first Adventist president sworn in

Fiji’s new president was sworn in today at Government House in Suva, the island nation’s capital. His Excellency President Jioji (George) Konousi Konrote is the island nation’s first Seventh-day Adventist head of state.

When politics is no longer an excuse

The drawing shown above is disturbing. What’s more disturbing is it was created by a seven-year-old. There are times when human need should take precedence over politics.

Power plays

Power. We sometimes wish we had more of it, yet we distrust those who already do. Is being powerful a sin?

Unlikely alliance calls for end to persecution

An extraordinarily diverse group of lawmakers from around the world called for greater global efforts to end religious persecution and repression at a Seventh-day Adventist co-sponsored conference in New York.


"At what point do Seventh-day Adventists speak out publicly about political issues?" asks Adventist Record assistant editor Kent Kingston. "Or to put the question another way, at what point do political issues become spiritual and moral issues?"


The real victims of same-sex marriage are the children, who will lose their natural right to a mother or a father.

Ben Carson announces run for US presidency

Renowned Adventist neurosurgeon Dr Ben Carson officially announced on Monday that he is a candidate for the American presidency.
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