Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Tag: Literature Evangelism

Literature evangelist partners with church plant

Partnering with a team of literature evangelists has proved beneficial for a church plant in Western Australia.

My Ministry: Taking the devil’s money

Andrew Kochanski sells Christian books in neighbourhoods. One encounter had him selling a copy of The Great Controversy in return for five cents from the devil.

Record Rewind: Our first missionary

On September 8, 1894, 22-year-old Fairley Masters sailed from Australia to become Australasia’s first overseas missionary.

My story: Bruce Thompson

Door-knocking can be daunting. But on the other side of those doors are lonely people simply longing to have a chat.

My Story: I prayed for a Bible

Broken into beautiful: Shatrina is a testament to the life-transforming power of Jesus.

Samoa marks 100 years of literature evangelism

“The history and growth of the Samoan work is closely linked with literature evangelism and publishing."

Adventist youth visit 100,000 homes

Scores of Adventist young people visited tens of thousands of homes across Phoenix, Arizona, on Friday as they accepted a challenge from their leader, GYC president Natasha Nebblett, to “rattle the world”.

Blessed assurance

If Jesus came back today, would you be saved?

My story—Les and Joyce Doole

In November 2011, literature evangelist Danuta Stockwell had what her husband calls "a divine appointment" with Les Doole.

Too much of a good thing

We all like bureaucracy. Don’t believe me? Well then why have we set up a bureaucracy in virtually every entity of any substance?
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