Young people share hope through new literature evangelism program

NNSW Youth Rush team.

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Young people from across North New South Wales (NNSW) and South Queensland (SQC) conferences have recently participated in the first Youth Rush Australia—a new initiative funded by the Literature Ministry Committee, run for the first time this summer. 

During two weeks in Newcastle (NSW) and four weeks in Toowoomba (Qld), the young evangelists went from door to door offering Christian literature, prayers and Bible studies with more than 3300 books distributed in both programs.

In Toowoomba, the four participants who are also students participated in the official Student Literature Evangelism scholarship program piloted by Literature Ministries in a partnership with Avondale University and Australian conferences. 

SQC Youth Rush team in Toowoomba.

“Between the four of them, they have collected over $A5000 in donations towards their scholarships, so it has been a profitable endeavour for each of them,” said SQC associate pastor Harley Southwell. 

Additional to the many books distributed in different homes, the students also prayed with more than 500 people and found many interested in Bible studies. 

“This team of young people have really stepped up and become elite literature evangelists. I am very confident that next year we will see an even greater program as the true potential of student literature evangelists begins to be tapped into in our Conference,” said Mr Southwell.

In Newcastle, the two-week program focused on training during the first week. The 22 participants went from door to door on the second week offering literature and prayers, making contacts for further follow up by the local church.

“Over the course of our two-week program, I saw our young people have incredible encounters with God and be used by Him in powerful ways to bless others in the community. With an army of youth like this, our Church is in good hands,” said NNSW Young Adults director Blair Lemke.

Through visitations, prayers and distributed books, the young literature evangelists brought hope to numerous people but also grew personally. 

“One of the best things you can do for young people to grow their faith is to get them involved in front-line mission work, so it was a no-brainer to launch Youth Rush in the NNSW Conference,” said Mr Lemke. 

NNSW participant Lyndell Scheman said the highlight of the program was sharing God’s message with a group of others wanting to do the same. 

“I really loved going to Youth Rush. The group setting established at the program helped to inspire and encourage each other in witnessing. I was also really blessed and challenged by some of the morning worships. And I cannot leave out testimony time in the evening, which was so powerful and such a blessing to hear the ways in which the Lord is working,” said Ms Scheman.

A participant’s parent also expressed their appreciation for the program: “My boy came back changed. I really hope you offer this program again and again as it is so positive for so many reasons!”

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