LEs impact Sydney suburb during training

Participants dedicated 131 hours to visiting local residents.

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Six literature evangelists (LEs) from Australia and New Zealand completed a two-week training program in Sydney to enhance their skills in connecting with communities and boost Christian literature distribution. The session included practical canvassing in the community, resulting in numerous interactions and literature distribution.

The LEs spent the first week at Adventist Media in Wahroonga (NSW) where they listened to presentations and participated in interactive learning for new independent book distributors. The trainees learned how to connect with new people quickly, make sales and familiarised themselves with the products. During the second week, the group was mentored at Windsor Adventist church and put their lessons to practical use by going out into the community.

“The training was very insightful and encouraging,” said first-time LE attendee Sarah Cangy, who has volunteered full-time for a year. During the three days of canvassing, she received more than $A1500 in book orders.

Another attendee, Avondale theology student Malcolm Humphrey, received more than $A700 in donations for books. He is currently working towards a Literature Evangelism scholarship.

During the community outreach phase, participants dedicated 131 hours to visiting local residents, resulting in book orders from 69 homes and a total literature purchase worth $A2713. The group also distributed 330 copies of free literature, prayed with 20 people, visited one former Adventist, received one Bible study request and shared invitations to an evangelistic seminar.

According to literature ministry coordinator Brenton Lowe, “one contact even ended up attending the church’s Sabbath service.”

“Each statistic represents a family whose life has been influenced in some way because of the LEs’ visit,” said Mr Lowe. “Thank God for their faithfulness,”

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