Saturday, July 11, 2020
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New school opens up village to Adventist message

A baptism is being celebrated in a Solomon Islands village where there was previously just one Seventh-day Adventist.

Sydney Adventist schools achieve academic gains

Adventist schools in Sydney have achieved another year of above-average improvements in literacy and numeracy.

Church literacy program addresses great need in PNG

A total of 54 participants completed the Level 1 adult literacy training course, with one young family walking four days to attend.

Record number of enrolments at PNG schools

More than 350 children who previously could not read or write are attending the schools daily.

Adventist school among nation’s elite

“I didn’t realise just how well our students had performed,” laughs Michelle Streatfeild, principal of Wahroonga Adventist School in Sydney, “until I started getting calls from parents desperate to enrol their kids."

Adventist prostitutes and seventh-day thieves

"My husband calls me ‘little miss Friendly’,” laughs Jasmin Simyunn, ADRA country director for Papua New Guinea. It's an interesting response to my question about how this genteel woman knows prostitutes and gang members in Lae.

Successful literacy program needs Bibles

A Bible-based adult literacy program in Solomon Islands is struggling to keep up with its own success, with only 21 Pidgin Bibles remaining for future students, and funds running short.

Tough assignment

To say that Coca-Cola is a well-known brand around the world would be an understatement. However, there are places where you won’t find a trace of Coca-Cola, but you find an Adventist school or hospital.
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