Adventist Church fights illiteracy rates in PNG

The literacy trainers who completed the program.

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The Adventist Church in the East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea is empowering the community to read and write. Partnering with the Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA) and the government, the Church conducted a two-week equipping program for Literacy Trainers in May River Village of Ambunti Drekiker District.

Twenty-three trainers of different denominations were certified to become basic literacy trainers to teach and educate locals in basic reading, writing, and numeracy. They also learned life skills training—basic cooking and sewing.

The training was conducted for two weeks.

“Literacy is someone’s life. You can only sustain your living by having the basic knowledge of reading, writing, and counting numbers,” said Sepik Mission women and children ministries director Lucy Moke.

With plans to expand the project, the Church is looking for possible partners to conduct more literacy training and help reduce the country’s illiteracy rate, currently one of the highest in the Pacific.

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