Friday, April 3, 2020
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Who is your neighbour?

There are people living next door and across the street who are in desperate need of help and hope.

Opioid obituaries: how opening up could save lives

Andrew's parents made the heart-breaking decision to share his struggle with addiction after his death rather than sanitising his obituary—a decision that had unexpected results.

Standing in the gap against mental illness

Living with mental illness can be hard, especially if you are supporting the person going through it. It can often feel helpless and hopeless. But there is hope.

Review: Forgive to Live

The Bible teaches the importance of forgiveness for living faithfully and well, but what difference can forgiveness actually make in our lives, spiritually, emotionally and even physically?

How Mac tried to fight back

Despite describing his experiences as “beyond telling”, Anzac chaplain William McKenzie “consistently, even compulsively, reverted to words to convey them”.

My ministry—Mr Be Happy

Mambo Fangaria is missing quite a few teeth, but he has one of the most infectious smiles you’re ever likely to see.

Touched and changed

Joseph was destined to become a devil priest. An experience at Atoifi Adventist Hospital 23 years ago set him on a brighter path.

Love & loss

There's no greater pain than the loss of a child. Imagine losing three. Yet after so much hurt, Amy Cherry has a message: love triumphs over loss.

Healing the scars of war

Never underestimate the power of reconciliation. It stops conflicts, heals hearts and changes lives.

Bangkok bombing reflections

More than 20 people lost their lives this week when a bomb exploded in a shopping village in Bangkok, Thailand. Just one week ago, James Standish was on the very corner where the bomb went off.
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