Sunday, December 8, 2019
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Tag: Fellowship

Sabbath on a cruise ship

Cultural and denominational differences aside, followers of Christ are followers of Christ. Pastor Glenn Townend reflects on the power of Jesus to bring people—even strangers—together.

The gospel in the storm

Paul's voyage to Rome, as detailed in the book of Acts, outlines the most significant truth in the New Testament.

Deaf pastor guest ‘speaker’ at camp

This year's Australian Deaf camp featured a deaf "speaker" for the first time.


How sharing together can unlock your mind.

Church is not just about God

A church isn't a church without the people.

Holy Spirit: Person or power?

Is the Holy Spirit a power or a person? Is He simply a divine influence or the Divine Influencer? Pastor Anthony McPherson helps us get a handle on the identity of the Holy Spirit.

Last supper

For Jesus, the Last Supper marked the beginning of the end. And yet, it was also the start of something really special.

Don’t be a friendly church

Friendliness, while a desirable trait, can be a church's downfall.

Ultimate family

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport of fast action and fabulous fun.

Reclaim the third space

It seems as our societies “grow up” our sacred spaces are shrinking.
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