Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Tag: diabetes

Celebrating junk food: A response

The experts weigh in on Carly Moore's thought-provoking article.

New campaign to save lives and limbs in the South Pacific

Type 2 diabetes is approaching pandemic proportions in the Pacific. It's time to stamp it out.

CHIP for every doctor in Fiji

The Fiji Medical Association is to make the Complete Health Improvement Program available to every doctor in Fiji.

The pregnancy diaries—The diagnosis (Part 2)

The diagnosis was in: gestational diabetes. Melody blamed herself. Little did she know God had been preparing her for this long before she even became pregnant.

The pregnancy diaries—The diagnosis (Part 1)

"It's slightly abnormal" is probably the last thing any expecting mother wants to hear from her obstetrician.

Nurses put training into practice

Seven trainee nurses from Atoifi Adventist Hospital recently joined Lau Valley church to run a community health program in Paru, on the island of Guadalcanal in Solomon Islands.

Historic health summit in PNG

More than 1700 Adventist pastors, teachers and health workers from around the world gathered in Papua New Guinea for a groundbreaking health summit in early July.
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