Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Where this journey begins

Of Falafels and Following Jesus: A sneak peek at the new book.

Launching an educator’s guide to Bible study

Family, friends and colleagues have celebrated the Australian book launch of As Light Lingers and dedicated it to deepening engagement with the Bible by church members, young people, children and families around the world.

New simple discipleship book launched by road trip and camp meeting

If You Can Eat . . . You Can Make Disciples was launched on September 24 with a prayer of dedication led by South Queensland conference president Pastor Brett Townend.

My new mission: Live More Happy

Avondale academic’s “audacious” plan to lift the lives of 10 million people.

New book shares ‘whole-of-life’ retirement plan

So, you have plans to retire. But are you retirement ready? A new book by Dr Bruce Manners explores this very question.

New book says “there’s more to Jesus”

There's more to Jesus than you might think.

New book reminds Adventists of English roots

The launch of a new book by an Avondale academic has reminded Seventh-day Adventists their beliefs are based in Scripture but shaped by history.

A new revelation

Signs Publishing book editor Nathan Brown sits down with Dr Kayle de Waal, head of Avondale Seminary, about his new book "Ancient Words, Present Hope".

Church member launches motherhood book

A Sunshine Coast church member has self-published and launched a book that explores the dramatic life change that comes with motherhood.
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