New book focuses on experiences that sparked the church

Dr Peter Roennfeldt and his new book Calvary to Pentecost.

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A new book invites readers to explore the journey that took the first disciples from their disappointment, fear and grief at the death of Jesus to the birth of the early church only seven weeks later. Written by Dr Peter Roennfeldt, Calvary to Pentecost will be launched with a virtual event and at the church’s camp meeting in Victoria this weekend.

More than 3000 copies of the new book were pre-ordered by churches around Australia, inviting members of the church and community to begin this journey this Easter. “Easter is the time when more non-religious and non-church-attending people in our society think about God than at any other time—and even go to church,” says Dr Roennfeldt. “And I thought we might capitalise on that to share the real story of what God has done, is doing and is going to do!” 

The cover of Calvary to Pentecost.

Although the book can be used in various ways, individually or as a small group or whole church, the short two-page readings in Calvary to Pentecost allow readers to experience the first disciples’ experiences in real time. “The idea of 50 readings with a reflection question simply comes from the term Pentecost which refers to the 50 days from resurrection day (now called Easter Sunday) to Pentecost day.”

Dr Roennfeldt insists the two weekends of Calvary and Pentecost were historically unique, world-changing and linked in ways that might not have been fully appreciated at times. “Seven weeks apart, the events of these two weekends will never be repeated and cannot be separated: the first made possible the second, while the second gave relevance and power to the first,” he explains. “When we accept the reality of those weekends as disciples, our lives are mysteriously but tangibly transformed by His Spirit—and we are empowered for sharing life and good news!”

Calvary to Pentecost has also received initial attention in the wider Christian world, with an international mission conference in Thailand this month giving copies of the book to conference participants. “Some mission agencies indicate they will encourage churches and planting teams to use Calvary to Pentecost as for daily reading between Easter and Pentecost to prepare for a global church-planting dayon Pentecost weekend, the birthday of the church—when every church in their networks will plant another church,” reports Dr Roennfeldt.

“Whether a Christian for many years or a new believer, this small book will renew your relationship with God. And it will be a great gift idea to share the good news.”

Calvary to Pentecost: The Weekends That Changed the World and other books by Dr Roennfeldt are available now at Adventist bookshops in Australia and New Zealand or online.

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