New Seeds of Faith books explore supermarket spiritual lessons and Adventist history

Both books are now available for purchase at your local Adventist Book Centre or online.

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The Australian Union Conference (AUC) launched two new books from Seeds of Faith at the AUC Executive Committee meetings on May 29. 

Devotions from the Aisles written by Amanda Bews is a compilation of 26 devotional stories that feature common brands that would be found on the shelf in the supermarket. Each supermarket item is paired with a spiritual lesson as well as questions that prompt the reader to reflect on the story. 

According to Ms Bews, the book brings stories and lessons from the Christian innovators who created the brands found in supermarkets. “Greta Pratt shared the stories with her children so when they saw the items in the supermarket, they would be reminded of these important values,” said Ms Bews. 

The second book, Advent Oarsmen: The Robert & Henry McMahon Story, also written by Amanda Bews, is the seventh book in The Angel Said Australia series featuring the true story of Robert and Henry McMahon who rowed their boat from Cunninghame, Victoria (now Lakes Entrance) to Coogee beach, New South Wales, with nothing but cold pies, a school atlas and a pile of books.

Advent Oarsmen is an incredible story of tenacity and reliance on God in overwhelming circumstances. God protected Robert and Henry on their treacherous journey and He will be with us too,” said Ms Bews.

Both books are now available for purchase at your local Adventist Book Centre or online (Devotions from the Aisles and Advent Oarsmen: The Robert & Henry McMahon story).

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